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Berlin, 1945. Seen from Tiergarten.

An aerial view of Berlin in ruins, looking east from the Brandenburg Gate toward Unter den Linden

An elderly man sits alone among the ruins after the Battle of Berlin (May 1945).

May 2 1945 The Battle of Berlin ends when German forces surrender unconditionally to the Soviets. - An elderly man sits alone among the ruins after the Battle of Berlin (May

Berlin 1945 ruins... after the destruction caused by the air raids of the USA and it's allies

Berlin 1945 ruins

The captial of the Third Recih at the close of the war. Berlin during WWII - Allied bombing runs reduced most of it to rubble

Combats de rue dans Berlin en Allemagne en mars 1945 avec comme dernier défenseurs des enfants et des personnes âgées.

gruene-teufel: “War is Hell Aftermath of an engagement between German soldiers and Soviet tankers and infantry of the Guards Tank Brigade, Berlin, 1945 ”

Margaret Bourke-White.  (Ruins of) Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne 1945   At the end of WW II.

Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer of 20th Century History

Ruins of Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, 1945 at the end of WW II // Margaret Bourke-White

A destroyed WWII plane, then and now...

A destroyed WWII plane, then and now

A destroyed WWII plane, 1944 and recent. I have my doubts on this one, sixty plus years of salt water and oxygen exposure, pacific typhoons and armchair-level explorers? A location added would've helped the skeptic in me quiet a bit.

End of the Berlin Wall 1989

1989 _ The Berlin Wall Falls. - Thought that would never happen. Who can forget that. Hard to believe it was ever like that. First thing that came to my mind: "Your son could serve a mission in East Germany! 15 years later - he gets called to Berlin.



Black and White WWII History Germany berlin 40's

A couple walks through the burning streets of Berlin in the final days of the war, 1945 // Black and White Photo

Children play with the shell of a dropped bomb. Berlin, WWII.

Children play with the shell of a drop bomb. (Bundesarchiv) extended distance drop FUEL tank made of aluminum. Bombs are iron,weighing