"Yell" - Character Design by Joshua Harvey, via Behance

Working with Todd and Kylie and a slew of other designers at Psyop, several band members were developed. This is a display of my final set and all other sketches and ideas that eventually led me to it.

Autunno sul New Yorker - Il Post

Eric Drooker is an award-winning graphic novelist, painter, and frequent cover artist for The New Yorker. Original art, and fine art prints for sale.

Nicoletta Ceccoli.. Strangely disturbing but alluring

Italian artist Nicoletta Ceccoli uses pastel colors to tell us a story of a melancholy world. Some common themes in her surreal works include loneliness, fear of abandonment, and apprehension about growing up. If her wonderfully whimsical paintings look f

Javier González Pacheco + Indie Blog: http://indiedesignbr.tumblr.com

Colorful illustrations by Spanish artist Javier González Pacheco. More illustrations via Cruzine

I have drawn similar to this picture, in my drawing, the girl was a mermaid and princess ~xeranzaa

A fantastic depiction of 'Rusalka', A mythical water spirit who lures young men into water to drown them. Truth lies just beneath the surface.

ghost_castle by hoyhoykung on deviantART

ghost_castle by *hoyhoykung

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, Peter Mohrbacher : I watched as the clouds poured forth from the mouth of the opening. The sky on the other side leaked through to flow down into the valley below, filling nothing of the infinite void that waited below it. Compared t

Men in fantasy art

The Satyr or female Satyresses has goat-like features, including a goat-tail, goat-like ears. Sometimes mistaken for fauns which are half human half goat Satyrs are not human. --My note: I might have to rethink some of the mythology in my book

Maahes (também chamado de Mihos, Miysis,Mios, Maihes, e Mahes) filho da deusa Bastet no Baixo Egito e da deusa Sekhmet no Alto Egito. Seu pai não é exatamente definido, em cada época e região era um Deus diferente.

Fantasy Illustrations by Alexandra Khitrova. Reminds me of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess with a lioness head. Sekhmet was a warrior goddess, and fiercely protected the pharaoh.