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This is one way to keep your tent up out of rain puddles, but probably pretty sketchy in a windstorm. Suspended tent, can be made from old trampoline or similar hoop. - Floating Round Hanging Bed With Waterproof Tent For Camping Or Outdoor Use


Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 30 Pics

Turn a trampoline into a hanging outdoor bed as a new take on the hammock idea for relaxing. Turn a trampoline into a hanging outdoor bed as a new take…

Where was this when i was a kid?? trampoline tent

Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up! Would be fun for a backyard kids Sleepover!

A empresa tenda de suspensão produziu uma barraca suspensa significada para aqueles que não querer acampar, mas será certamente glamp (acampar charmosa). Chamado o roomoon, é uma tenda portátil, em forma de esfera que paira entre as árvores. Isto não é a primeira vez que admiramos a este tipo de estrutura; semelhante a Tentsile, significa que você pode dormir alto acima do chão e mais perto das estrelas.

The Hanging Tent Company has produced a suspended tent meant for those that might not want to camp, but will certainly glamp (glamourous camping). Called the roomoon, it’s a sphere-shaped, portable tent that hangs among the trees.

Diese 9 Hängebetten sind buchstäblich zum Träumen so schön… ich möchte Sie alle!! - DIY Bastelideen

Indoor outdoor floating bed I want it!

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Individualität ist IN!

Super Mario Bros themed bathroom remodel and video game mural

New Porch Swing Bed Patio Furniture Hanging Canopy Wooden Hammock Add a touch of exclusivity to your porch with this stunning Leisure Season Porch Swing Bed. It features a covered hammock, a swing bed

Porch Swing Bed Hammock Patio Furniture Hanging Canopy Wood

Garden Oasis Arch Swing: 19 Cozy Outdoor Hanging Beds to Help You Enjoy The Summer Nights

I want one of these!!  (Re-purposed Trampoline)

What to do when your trampoline is wrecked beyond repair? The best solution is to turn it into a circular swing bed! View the full collection of trampoline swing bed inspiration here: theownerbuilderne. Would you like to hangout here?

Bed Ideas* I definitely would NOT use the 2nd one...

Bed lvl: creative would totally sleep on the burger bed

hanging round bed from tree. It's like a giant dream catcher made of a trampoline ring to sleep on.

ceremony structure - hanging round bed from tree. It's like a giant dream catcher made of a trampoline ring to sleep on.


Would you read a book in this?

This would be awesome hanging from pretty much anywhere. I want one! Just added to list of dream things for my dream home!

Treepee! Full of awesome gift for a monkey. It's a tent/teepee/trampoline. Yaaay

These days, treehouses aren’t just simple wooden structures.check out these awesome fort and treehouse designs for kids.

This is an old trampoline! What a great recycle idea

Outdoor Hanging Bed, Hammock bed For Sale

This would be awsome?!

Look at these dreamy summer outdoor reading corners. Such lovely and inspiring outdoor spots to spend a lazy afternoon with your favorite book.

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i have room for this on my deck.Outdoor Bed, Hammock Bed - The Floating Bed Co.

Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed! - Turn those old backyard trampolines into luxurious hanging beds! - Tips and Ideas!

Quick Tip - Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed

How many of us parents have old trampolines laying in our backyard, unused and wasting away? How about using your old trampoline and recycle it into a hanging garden bed for your porch or.