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I love Anna Cattishs Designs and they had an major influence on Susans Character Design. Today I decided to have a closer look at her art and draw and more Anna Catt-ish Susan.

Doodle Bombs by Hattie Stewart

Fun Magazine Cover Doodle Art by Ana Strumpf & Hattie Stewart

Rebecca Chew (Posted it first because I love the mag, secondly 'cause it's Daniel Craig ♥ and... of course I enjoy the design!)

Art Direction by Rebecca Chew

Cover Art/Design (1/10) This is similar to photo illustrations, but I especially like how the person is on an illustrated background as well as having artistic elements added to their face

The art of magazine covers: 20 incredible examples from 2012

ACE HOTEL! Timothy Goodman: Writing on the Walls

Maybe in the office, art studio or the used book/game/comic store This a cool idea for art work in a space. If it is a temporary space for you, cover walls with white butcher paper, then go to town drawing.

I love the warm colors of this design. It has a very warm feel to it and that's exactly what I think when I think of Lolita. I love the font they used to make it look handwritten and the heart above the i just completes the design for me.

Rose Wong Compose elements digitally on a flat fill background. Pull texture through hand drawn type using clip or layer masks

this book cover is a little hard to read. however i like the concept behind it as the rings are the rings of a tree when its cut down. the brown also sells the tree feel.

50 Canadian Book Cover Designs

Designer: Natalie Olsen, Kisscut Design Publisher: NeWest Press Genre: Environment Ecology Typefaces: FF Seria (serif and sans) with hand drawn lettering Cover Illustration: Natalie Olsen

custom magazine doodles / sfgirlbybay

custom magazine doodles / sfgirlbybay - vibrant colours as the background - illustrations 'drawn' on the model - warm colours are used for the title making it stand out