Zaraki Kenpachi again by ~mansarali on deviantART

Been really busy and haven't done anything in a while so here's the start to some of the males in Bleach Bleach©Tite Kubo Zaraki Kenpachi again

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dedicated to all bleach fans. HD Wallpaper and background photos of *Ichigo Returns* for fans of Bleach Anime images.

Kenpachi Zaraki

Ah yes, another Byakuya Kuchiki fanart, this is at least the one I've done of him already. and I'm still not tired of drawing him I am tired however of drawing little detailed cities as back.

Toshiro (A Time of Heartbreak) by Creative2Bit

Toshiro (A Time of Heartbreak) by I LOVE this pic. It also broke my kokoro