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" I'm not looking to escape my darkness, I'm learning to love myself there.." || Anime/Manga: Tokyo Ghoul || Edited by karunase || karunase.tumblr.com

Shows like this are the best People like this are the best and if u disagree I feel sorry for you

I never show my other side cause my friend would leave me.

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Ninguno de ellos se da cuenta de tus lágrimas, ni de tu tristeza ni de tu dolor. Pero aun así se dan cuenta del fallo.

Tokyo Ghoul, Strike the Blood, etc. (Dang it, all these things related to Tokyo Ghoul really get to me for some reason. even though I haven't even watched more than a couple episodes.the tears come almost right away.

That's me I get told to... be myself and then... I get made fun of... so please if anyone sees someone doing that don't ignore it... change that

I've been told to be myself or that I need to accept myself but I'm still judged for who I am.

How I feel sometimes

Um guys my friend just lost her crush to cancer.and now she's depressed.I don't know the pain of Losing someone dear to you at all.but one day I will feel that pain.Why the hell does cancer even exist. I HATE THE DAMN THING SO MUCH!

Tokyo Ghoul- Ken Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul- Ken Kaneki- Probably one of the most pitiable characters in anime/manga history.

"You say you're life is a living hell but I'm the one suffering and dying and no one seems to care"

Tu dici di aver visto l’inferno,hai visto solo una parte,io.