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Make your own papier-mâché Solar System and use our printable solar system cards with it.

Papier Mache Planets

How to Make Papier Mâché Planets. Arts and crafts projects can be a great way to educate children. Planets and the solar system are fascinating, but a topic so vast can quickly become overwhelming for a young learner. Using papier-mâché to .

Draw planets and sun in crayons, paint over with black watercolor by lizzie

They create an outerspace picture being as creative as they want to be (aliens, etc. After they are finished with their drawing the color it in using oil pastels, then paint the whole paper black to make it look like everything is floating in space.

Astronauta Archives - Querida Data

Astronauta Archives - Querida Data

Adventures of an Art Teacher: Best Art Class Ever- 6th Grade Planets

Way back in October I was doing a music inspired lesson with grade. Graders spend I think a whole studying astronomy .