I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened<<< he's technically a Herondale you know wills sister married a lightwood

Oh my goodness. Or he could have thought that Alec was a Lightworm (totally calling them that from now on XD) because Cecily looked like Will and married Gabriel, but yeah, Jace the sarcastic asshole<<<<totally agree. But OMG I love Magnus

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I almost Shouted this in my room. I would have been murderd by my mom before I finished the book.

The mortal instruments PERFECT!!!!! awwwww so many feelings

The mortal instruments PERFECT! awwwww so many feelings bahahahah dead ok I shall return to hugging jace

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Can I just ask IS IT JUST ME or are the Infernal Devices like 4000 times better than the Mortal Instruments?


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