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Ewan McGregor. He's my boyfriend. My husband's okay with it.

Ewan McGregor. He's my boyfriend. My husband's okay with it.

Ewan McGregor......when he smiles,the whole world smiles with him

Ewan McGregor, love his quirky crooked smiled! and your cleft chin works so well for you :) i loved you in both star wars and moulin rouge!

Ewan McGregor- always had a little thing for this man.

Ewan McGregor: 'The Impossible' AFI Fest Screening!: Photo Ewan McGregor looks dashing while arriving at the special screening of his upcoming movie The Impossible during the 2012 AFI Fest held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre…

Ewan Mcgregor in Down with Love. He so could've been on Mad Men as Lane's son or made a good James Bond.

Ewan McGregor, Down with Love. - My favorite Ewan McGregor movie. Another song and dance man I can't resist.

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Ewan McGregor. Christian in 'Moulin Rouge!', young Edward Bloom in 'Big Fish'.

Ewan McGregor-The definition for him in my opinion is hot, good looking, handsome actor, and a cutie.

Ewan McGregor----HAIRRRRR

Ewan McGregor: 'Salmon Fishing' Screening & Q&A!: Photo Ewan McGregor attends a screening and Q&A session for his new film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, on Monday (February at the Rafael Film Center in San Francisco,…

Ewan Mcgregor - I have this shirt. Within 2 weeks the vinyl began to peel... within 6 weeks the entire image had gone! SUX!!!

EWAN McGREGOR (Esquire June sporting a classic Star Wars T-shirt and an awesome Han Solo blaster belt buckle. ~ STAR WARS is in his blood, like mine, but I have not had the chance to work in it yet :"(