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nichijou best anime ever - http://ift.tt/2tM5TZ9

>>React the GIF above with another anime GIF!

what did i just watch? EVERYONE WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW

Meanwhile at Walmart (21 photos)

Every time I see this GIF, I always crack up and can't stop laughing. This GIF is not healthy for me!

The Sniper Prank - So, you target a friend on the bench with your cheapo laser pointer, who jerks a little and falls over, just like he'd been hit with a silenced sniper's bullet at long range. What does John Q. Public do? He high-steps away as if he's running on a bed of hot coals...Hilarious!

The Sniper Prank

Funny pictures about The Sniper Prank. Oh, and cool pics about The Sniper Prank. Also, The Sniper Prank photos.

Fumito Ueda Talks Next Project, His Mysterious Approach to Narrative, and Returning to an Open-World Formula

Poor Spider-Man! Lol

28 Superheroes You Wouldn't Trust To Save The World

Funny pictures about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Also, Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe.

Life as a single dad. lol (I'm not a guy though) (GIF)

Single dad

Funny pictures about What being a father feels like. Oh, and cool pics about What being a father feels like. Also, What being a father feels like.

Stahp Holly! (stop)

Stahp Holly!

Hilarious short GIF, a TV reporter live from a storm hit by stop sign. Really crazy what people are willing to do for their jobs.

What just happened---->Precisely my thoughts.

The explosion I can't believe that the parrot and leave her oh my God leave leave leave your parent leave I know you can fly fly away from the explosion I don't know what she did but she's never she's

I keep trying to tell my white friends that this is really true.

Funny pictures about The Asian aging process. Oh, and cool pics about The Asian aging process. Also, The Asian aging process photos.