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Pandora Hearts

"Pandora Hearts AU: Oz is born a Child of Misfortune, and his ‘cursed eyes’ hurt those who are most precious for him…" <- I must watch Pandora Hearts now

Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a.k.a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville.

Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville. My favorite manga of all time (although the anime was terrible)

Pandora Hearts - Oz I just stated reading this manga, and I'm enjoying it so far

Pandora Hearts, Oz Vessalius Je veux savoir ce que c'est.

Oz Vessalius,Oz the B-Rabbit - Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts Oz Vessalius Really love his expression >_< so cool that way!: --> yet so scary.