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Lapis Lazuli!

hello my name is lalou and animation is the only thing that matters to me ◆ FAQ + LINKS ◆

Lapis doodles. Steven universe

ask-diamond-gems: “mioko-san: “i remember someone requested me the ocean gem ” //Had back to back shifts, exhausted mun is spent ”

This is amazing art

although i don't personally think that all summoned "weapons" through one kind of gem - i think they could be modified - or that all gems would look alike like this (although perhaps on homeworld), i still think it's a funny idea

No lapis was thumbs up for flirting

No lapis was thumbs up for flirting Shes probably just a bit uncomfortable around fusion because of malachite

“I was looking at clothes online and realized the outfit I wanted was a very Lapis look so I drew it on her instead”