gemgoregutz: im gonna go to sleep its like am and i need my rest so give me a character and expression you want and ill do it in the mornin— WHen i wake UP! and cant wait to see what yall want me to draw :)


Art challenge by I’d really, really, really like to do some more of these! Just tell me a pairing with the pose (for example Daisuga - per instant messenger (im still struggling with the.

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soupery: “i never know what to do with the body when i do these so here’s one of those things with arms™ ” Please send prompts~ don’t be shy!

Draw the Squad!!! I wish I could do this IRL

I can imagine undertale characters doing this! Sans dunking frisk/chara, undyne cheering and toriel kneeling.

*closed* Draw the squad! Comment a number and your OC (pls only cats, dogs, furries etc.). Taken: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

maillewmodricornplus: “ little-geecko: “ i made my own “draw you squad” meme. Please, if you use it, tell me to take a look ” Ah yes, something to relieve the stress. ” I'm either the reading one or the one bothering them

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elvirasteckningar: “ 💕✨ Draw the OTP ✨💕 “Send an ask with a letter+number and your OTP of choice! ” Please do NOT repost or redistribute ”