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The only 3 rules I follow in my life

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Once? Are you kidding me? How about every time we go swimming lol

:) more like every time we go to the pool and i have a noodle. It's not summer without a pool noodle :)

Extremely scientific graphs. Maybe the most accurate thing I've ever seen. This is very relatable. Truth.

From Pre-K To College, In 7 Extremely Scientific Graphs

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What do you do?

when you're home alone & someone knocks on your door: say "who is it?" look through the peep hole open the door crawl around on the ground like a ninja and look through the window very quitely to make sure it isn't a masked murder

How normal girls dance vs me - cartoon - http://www.jokideo.com/

How normal girls dance vs. How I dance. This is frighteningly accurate. Or how I THINK I look like when I dance vs. What I actually look like when I dance lol

I honestly don't who u are..but just know I'm a rude person

When someone is trying out a new look - Karen Walker funny - Humor me - Random funnies

Still a kid/ not old enough to work but me km just in my room... on my tablet... looking at pinterest...

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Power of the internet // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Exactly!!! If you knew me you would wish you could put me in a sound proof box.

People in school are like, "why are you so quiet?", and I'm just like, "we're not friends". I don't usually laugh out loud.but his is accurate.