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“Library of American History (detail)” (2012), by Brian Dettmer. Courtesy Brian Dettmer/Toomey Tourell.

Book Art and the Freedom to Read

Brian Dettmer - Library of American History (detail), 2012 hardcover books, acrylic varnish, x x - Image Courtesy of the Artist and Toomey Tourell Fine Art

Wagnalls Wheel, 2010, Altered Set of Encyclopedias What Brian Dettmer does with books is mind-blowing. Soft Standards, 2009, Altered Books Fate Far Fast Fa

Altered Books by Brian Dettmer

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Brian Dettmer Book Art - Absolute Authority, Hardcover book, acrylic medium, x x - Image Courtesy of the Artist and Wexler Gallery


Le talentueux Brian offre une nouvelle histoire à des livres usés en les sculptant

Amazing Sculptural Book Art by Brian Dettmer from United States

Brian Dettmer

The unique, intricate, and extraordinary work of artist Brian Dettmer is now on display at Kinz + Tillou Fine Art in NYC.

book art carving sculpture brian dettmer

Brian Dettmer Totem 2010 Altered Set of Vintage Encyclopedias x x Image Courtesy of the Artist and MiTO Gallery

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Brian Dettmer Eye Surgery 2004 Altered Book x x Image Courtesy of the Artist and Packer Schopf Gallery