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Female Struggles on

The President Of France Wants To Ban Homework <---- salut America, bonjour France!

Funny, but I honestly have never seen a map like this and I live in the US?? It has always been divided through the Pacific


Really America? I thought all countries split theory map in the Pacific Ocean. Like it's not only the Canadians, Swedish maps too and probably more countries

Dang it Jerry. Happened in Duluth

"Two bald eagles in air battle crash-land at airport. Dude these two eagles were fighting mid-air and got stuck. They crash landed at an airport and both survived. How hardcore is that? Look at their faces though. Its like 'I swear to GAWD Jerry' "

Don't play like you're some kind of authority. Lol

This is how wars get started…

Funny pictures about World War Tea. Oh, and cool pics about World War Tea. Also, World War Tea photos.

Made in America / iFunny :)

America why couldn't Thor's hammer break captain Americas shield Canada maple syrup

lol xD

Probably Best to Get Out of His Way

Other Penguin Oh no, there goes Stan. Other Penguin Where is he going? Other Penguin Well, I heard Larry offered a pebble to Stan's girlfriend. Other Penguin Oh geez. Yeah let's just hang out over here.

Meanwhile in Russia

Meanwhile in Russia

Hetalia ~~ Oh, Canada! I love you so much!

Let the Canada jokes commence

Let the Canada jokes commence. this guy in my class said his brother lost his wallet in Canada and som canada how I met your m bill nye