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☆ Acorn Knife -:- Acorns and Oak Leaves form the hilt of this knife. The Handle is a smooth layered Dymondwood with Browns and Greens ~:☆:~ Shop: Omega Artworks ☆ - dagger for queen priscilla


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Cozy couch from Crate and Barrel. I don't think I'd ever want to get up.

Comfortable couch, no box cushions, great ottoman, huge pillow back cushions, great color.

Crystal Collection :: Bohemian home décor :: peaceful :: earthy :: rustic :: free spirit :: Inspiration @aumandamen

Wedding In The Raw

Chakra Definitions ......

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☽ I howl at the rising moon ☾

⭐️ astrid, despite holding some traditional christian beliefs from her upbringing, is very new-age-y. maybe because she is a telepath and an energy manipulator, she is very into crystals and other witchy things.