To complete this pattern you need to purchase the base Lalylala doll pattern. The Free bit is only the Modification to turn it into a bunny. So you are probbaly wondering why I am still featuring i…

Free Lalylala Bunny Modification Pattern

This pattern is available for free. It is a modification of her other for sale doll patterns. There is a lovely cross stitch pattern, eggs and cute bunny ears.

gratis free:RITA the rabbit - bunny mod kit for lalylala dolls FREE lalylala EASTER BUNNY MOD KIT RITA the rabbit! This is just the pattern for the ears and the Easter eggs not for the whole doll.

bina the bear - Google zoeken

BINA the bear and rabbit mod made by vanessanawell / crochet pattern by lalylala crochet,Crochet and Knit,

Giant Onion Otto flower doll - Allium Giganteum flower crochet pattern - amigurumi

Giant Onion Otto - flower doll crochet pattern

Pompom tutorial to make a Giant Onion flower or Allium Giganteum flower

Bobo Bunny - Free Amigurumi Pattern - English Version here:

Bobo Bunny - Free Amigurumi Pattern - English Version here:

*Dies ist eine HÄKELANLEITUNG im PDF-Format. NICHT die auf den Fotos abgebildete fertige Puppe!*   Das ist Dirk der Drache!  Dirk's Lieblingskleidung ist sein lindwurmgrünes Drachenkostüm mit den...

DIRK der Drache • lalylala Häkelanleitung

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