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Tribute to Turquoise

A Khampa Tibetan girl in traditional ceremonial costume from Palyul county, with traditional headdress of strands of turquoise and gold. The costume and ornaments probably consist of much of the family's wealth and savings.

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for inspiration. Extreme Tribal Fashiontography - Herring Herring for D Mode Magazine (GALLERY)

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c Dassanech girl with caps wig - Omorate Ethiopia. The Daasanach people collect the caps of the Coca and beers in the bars of Omorate and make wigs with them.from Eric Lafforgue's Flikr page

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Traditional costume in the world | Traditional costumes of the world – art and color

This article feature examples of traditional costume or dress worn by the peoples around the globe. Peoples often call this kind of costumes "national", but the beauty of them have nothing to do with

she decided to wear some beads...;-)

Tibetan woman with "statement necklace". I pretty sure the yellow beads are amber which is very light but still, think this must be quite a load. She's blinging it "Tibetan-style".

Chad: The Wodaabe By Marie-Laure De Decker

Woodabe man from southern Chad,(Central Africa). Nomadic people who once a year, around July, gather for the Worso celebration.

Tibetan costume and jewelry.  huge pieces of amber(yellow) on her headdress. Amazing

Woman from Tibet - King Gesar Arts Festival / Khampa arts festival in the Kham region of Tibet in

Khampa Costume || Litang, Tibet

Khampa Tibetan Costume at Litang Horse Festival. Photo by Kay Forest.