Bildergebnis für punk zeichnung

Bildergebnis für punk zeichnung

Afrodite, guerrera del amor!

I tink hse kinda looks like Ashley Lopez !

Hellen Liberti

Punk Art from Ukraine

Punk style. This girl is so bad ass!

Punk Rock - Dig her thigh script tattoo -

This is just downright impressive. How long did it take?!

Razorcandi, gothic model and my greatest idol.

Punk Girl

Who stole the money from the house fund was it the coconut man? Fuck the coconut man!


Sasheena Filthhawk by Randy Allen

Punk's not dead

Punk's not dead, but very old and tired.


I like this type of hairstyle way better than Mohawks . I did purple/ black leopard with a black Mohawk on one of my guy friends once, it looked bomb. I'll try to find a picture and post it

Punx elders

Punk Elders hopefully james and i