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Pacific Rim - Dragon Ascendant by DolphinSilverwolf on DeviantArt

A lot of people have been using Pacific Rim's Jaeger designer to create fanart and their own Jaeger types.

Titanes del Pacifico!!!

Gipsy Danger - Pacific Rim designed by tommasorenieri - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Fan Art, Manga & Anime, Movies & TV, Pacific Rim, Robots by Fribly Editorial

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All-New Posters for Guillermo del Toro’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Action Flick “Pacific Rim” Give Us A Great Look At The “Jaegers”, Earth’s Last Hope

Pacific Rim- Colt Raider by ~Gatman720

I found this thing at a Pacific Rim website where I can make my own Jaeger and poster.

Pacific Rim

"Pacific Rim" Jaegers are named after the same German word meaning "hunter". So its that much awesomer

Pacific Rim Jaeger Fan Art Sierra Vigilant/ by Canadian Jaeger for negotiating with friendlier Canadian Kaiju.

Pacific Rim Wallpaper | pacific rim by n8ma fan art wallpaper movies tv 2012 2013 n8ma before ...

Before I made After Earth poster.I really want to draw Pacific Rim poster.but since I'm a Lazy bug.