This, but in smaller, skinnier cherry blossom branches, and the whole thing in a water color style

Beautiful Blooming Pink and White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch and Humming Bird tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black And Grey.  make this tiny and add a bird

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black And Grey. I want something like this, but fuller and starting a bit above the hip going down into my thigh

Cherry Blossom Bird

When men think about tattoo designs, a flower isn& generally one of the first things that comes to mind. Yet Cherry blossom tattoos for men (or Sakura Trees in Japanese culture) is something that have…

The cherry blossom has deep rich symbolic roots in Japan, China, and other Asian cultures. Cherry blossom tattoos are common among the Japanese and Chinese. Cherry blossom tattoos are now beginning to gain popularity outside of the Eastern culture.

Cherry Blossoms tattoo - Oh yes, we will never miss a cherry blossoms tattoo in this article. #TattooModels #tattoo

Very pretty cherry blossom tattoo on the side of the body. The body is a beautiful canvas for the cherry blossom design and placing it on the side enables the design to be fully appreciated.So Beautiful!

I will say that this is almost certainly not a tattoo, or it is at least only a black tattoo with the other colors painted/edited on as tattooing white/light pink spots over black is not going to go well. That said, I love how the blossoms cascade across the back in the last panel.

Tree tattoo - love the blossoms blowing away. I like this idea for having leaves or blossoms blow and swirl to become crows.