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These Hilarious Parents Prove That It's Possible To Get Funnier With Age.

Every parent in this collaboration deserves the "Best Parent Ever" award! 33 Brilliantly Funny Pranks That Parents Pulled On Their Kids. These are hilarious!

I love this so much. There is also Gif for him going 'Wrong' 'Wrong' 'Wrong'.

I was entertained. I mean, he's our president. I totally support him and hope he can help make America great again. But you gotta admit, this is funny.

Secret Hidden Room In The New House - please click on link to get whole story, not everyone is sharing both parts

Secret Hidden Room In The New House

Funny pictures about Secret Hidden Room In The New House. Oh, and cool pics about Secret Hidden Room In The New House. Also, Secret Hidden Room In The New House photos.

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When your friend says " wait till you see the pictures of you last night at the bar "

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17 Differences Between Men And Women - Stereotypical but obviously has bases of truth


Pounding it.

Norman Reedus is the best with his fans!

Yeah Norman kicks ass to all those pretencious famous!He's the real deal. No one has to pay a month salary to hug or kiss him and be away from him! He is sweet and kind and always has the time for fans.

Posters - WHEN YOU SEE IT...

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Cause of period: Uterus wants baby. No baby conceived. Uterus wants revenge.

Some Literal Translations for wild animals

Some Literal Translations

Funny pictures about Some Literal Translations. Oh, and cool pics about Some Literal Translations. Also, Some Literal Translations photos.