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Legendäres Theater, neuer Schriftzug: Das Pariser Studio Des Signes gestaltet ein neues Namensschild für Peter Brooks Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

Legendäres Theater, neuer Schriftzug

Neuer Schriftzug an einem legendären Theater, Paris France

in montmarte

Christmas in Paris (A journey through the city

Storefront- Le Consulat Restaurant, Montmartre, Paris, France: beautiful in snow

Gothic Initials von Coen Hofmann #typo

Gotische Initialen

Pied a Terre en Paris. Ahhhh....

Raise the Roof: Part One

"La Conciergerie" - "One of the interesting places we visited in Paris was the La Conciergerie. Built in the Middle Ages as a Merovingian Palace, it was later converted to a prison when Charles V decided the Louvre was much better digs. It had a bit of a notorious reputation, from the torture, to its roll as a holding cell for prisoners before meeting the guillotine during the reign of terror. This staircase is located in the main hall and leads up to the upper stories"

La Conciergerie

Spiral staircase at La Conciergerie, Paris. Former royal palace and prison in on the Île de la Cité, it is part of the larger complex known as the Palais de Justice. Built in the Middle Ages as a Merovingian Palace.

von Kevin Cantrell für Nike verzierter Baseball-Schläger // in Holz gelasert #typo #typografie

Typo-Illu in Holz gelasert

Nike commissioned KCD to design the Perfect Game, All American Classic, Home Run King Bat Trophy for Inspired by old world typography that imbues the spirit of baseball, an illustrative, typographic treatment was created that envelopes the entire ci…

»Fiorentina« von Gert Wiescher

Typo-Grüße aus Florenz

»Fiorentina« von Gert Wiescher

Schriftfamilie »Mevum« von Angelo Stitz

Schriftfamilie Mevum

Schriftfamilie »Mevum« von Angelo Stitz


"Old Architecture Balcony Design Barcelona, Spain It's in La Gran Via de las Corts Catalanes" I love the iron work on the windows very elegant

Serifenlose Godfrey von Ludwig Übele #typo #typografie #typography #font

Gestatten: Godfrey

Serifenlose Godfrey von Ludwig Übele #typo #typografie #typography #font


Aus der Wand gefaltet

Paris, I've been once but for a weekend only. I want to go spend more time in France.

Paris is by far my favorite place in the world. I love to travel and enjoy everywhere I go, but Paris holds a very special place in my heart that can never go away.