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Custom handguns have to be evaluated as individual works of art. Some of the factors considered include skill of workmanship, extent of coverage, artistic appeal, and uniqueness. Factory engraving brings a premium over engraving of unknown origin. Sparse coverage brings less than full value.

Gorgeous Custom Handguns (30 Photos)

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S&W TRR8 and Kimber Eclipse Pro Target II

Smith & Wesson revolver in 357 Magnum and a Kimber Eclipse 1911 in 45 ACP.

Other filigree ideas. Carved into a mores elaborate frame instead of punched steel?

Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

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An inside the waistband pistol holster choice. Murph's Custom Leather Inside the waistband 1911 holster.

подарочные пистолеты: 32 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

French Artistic Engraving Engraving of fine guns and knives

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Rare Documented Factory Engraved, Colt Model 1861 Navy Richards-Mason Conversion with Tiffany Grip.

Colt .38 Super - Full coverage engraving is definitely in play for this Colt handgun, with elegant small floral scroll outlined by gold inlay work. 1929 was the year Colt introduced the updated version of the .38 Auto., originally calling this semi-rimmed round the .38 Super Auto. In addition to Colt semi-autos including the Government Model and the Commander/Combat Commander, the Thompson submachine gun was also chambered for the .38 Super round. NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA

Colt Super - Full coverage engraving is definitely in play for this Colt…