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Debbie Kay

This is a re-post from My Prayer Board, it's been so Long and I am certain it's probably near the bottom of the Board . So Worth Sharing Again Today, as It Did Capture My Attention and I LOVE IT !

End of Day Blessing Surrender to His peace and rest well, Darling.  God is in control.  He has your back tonight.   Love, Momma

End of Day Blessing ~ Good night to all my family and friends that have part in this wonderful life God has given us. May you all have a blessed sleep, and a great day tomorrow. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amén.

Prayer: Let Your Truth Saturate My Soul

Prayer: Let Your Truth Saturate My Soul

Lord help me to bring your glory to everyone I see for your plans I love you Lord 24/7 have your way Lord in the blood of Jesus. Amen...Mildred Williams

How the insomnia prayer can help you have a peaceful sleep. Discover the insomnia prayers and the Bible verses you should use as a prayer for sleeplessness.

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Start a Day Blessing. ~ Give thanks unto the Lord for his mercy endures for ever and he loves you more than you can ever imagine. Have a peaceful good night sleep, and may the Lord watch over you all always.

Thank you Jesus! Prayer Of The Day – Celebrating Jesus -

Prayer Of The Day - Celebrating Jesus