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Animals From History by Christina Hess. Artist and illustrator, Christina Hess paints portraits of pet animals as real life historical figures! Can you figure out which historical hero is being.

15 cómics que entenderán todos los dueños de gatos

15 cómics que entenderán todos los dueños de gatos

5 Les chats de Susan Herbert série 5 (25)

Susan Herbert _ gatos na arte _ cats in art (Image JPEG, 470 × 700 pixels) - Redimensionnée

Pinzellades al món: Les animals versions il·lustrades de Melinda Cooper

Melinda Copper ~ "Bubba VIII" ~ (original painting, Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger)

cat friendly house

cat friendly house

dede moser artist

Many cats paintings. Pollyanna Pickering - A Cats Life. My Favorite chair has cats on it .

Pussywillows!  : )

pussy willows ~ when I was in grade I had a light blue over sized sweatshirt with this design on it. I loved it and wore it a LOT. but I had to throw it out because my cat decided to birth her kittens in my sweater box.

Melinda Copper  | Mouse of Cleaves", Melinda Copper

Melinda Copper - "Mouse of Cleaves", original painting, Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein the Younger. Cat in Tudor dress.