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Citizens lining up to protect Baltimore Police. This is why police do what they do every day! Kudos to these fine citizens!

Faith In Humanity Restored – 11 Pics

Please visit the site for more Warm Fuzzies. More than a couple brought tears of emotion to my eyes. Very definitely Faith In Humanity Restored – 11 Pics

This a real HERO, not that piece of junk football player that refuses to stand for our NATIONAL ANTHEM

Thank you Glen Coffee for your love of country and your selfless contribution to it. It's men like you that give Kaepernick the rights to be anti-American. God bless you sir.

Yeah NFL tell us more about how terribly difficult your lives are. *plays world's smallest violin*

I'll take the 50 yard line seats for that!

When the US is being attacked, the military should take a knee and let the NFL deal with it.

2015-2016 and can't afford the $40 dollar a month increase....

Is this the world's having bought out the government away from the american people? I guess they need to disarm America to completely enslave America.

The MSM control the stories that they promote. If it benefits the liberal agenda, they use it. They are disgusting and the blame for the state of our country lies at their feet.

Cops have Class

This is our riot to the death of our partners we don't blow up things an destroy stuff in the street an attack others we protest peacefully an bring those responsible to justice

Don't fuck with the law...  Don't rob convenient stores and act like a thug. Do NOT ever grab for an officers gun.

This is shame! I I wonder if he will protest ignorant looters calling it "racism"

I live in Colorado... one of my Dad's biggest complaints about moving here is the rule against thirty round magazines.

Pinner: Utah Gun Exchange's photo: One of the many things I like about living in Utah.

People don't realize how close this is getting!

People need to start respecting the police weather you are white, black, Mexican, or anything else! Police are here to help us so quit acting stupid and act like someone raised you right.