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Art Nouveau Staircase by Victor Horta -Hotel Tassel, Brussels. Typically of this period the interior has elongated, curved and flowing lines. These lines are seen in the tiles, the staircase and also on the walls.

Victor Horta House in Brussels, Belgium - Detail showing the art glass laylight and one of a pair of curvaceous mirrors at the top of the home's main stairwell.  Victor Horta designed and built the house and studio for his own family from 1893-97.  Now home of the Musee Horta.

Victor Horta, Tassel House, after Made in the Art Nouveau style, this house incorporates elements of classical design into new curvilinear forms inspired by nature. This style continued to be popular across Europe until

Horta Museum. Belgium. [ LJ sez: I'd love to see this museum. Bucket list! ]

Horta Museum. Belgium. [ LJ sez: I'd love to see this museum. Bucket list! ]

Art Nouveau entrance Brussels Paul Ankar 1896 431575_433829783341894_300506857_n.jpg (394×719)

Art Nouveau store front in Brussels: Paul Ankar, I actually know this flower shop, it's not far from the Parc in central Brussels. The flowers are really nice as well - Daniel Ost is quite a famous florist.

Love these stairs

She's climbing a Stairway to heaven:Spiral Staircase, National Museum, Paris

Art Nouveau Architecture in Brussels, 6 Rue du Lac | fabuloushomeblog.comfabuloushomeblog.com

Brussels, Belgium How perfect is this? interiorstyledesign: “ Early century Transitional stained glass window in Brussels, Belgium Transitional: The period between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Pattern, Wooden Entrance

this would make a beautiful entry way into my dreamhouse-----Art Nouveau - Hotel Hannon - Bruxelles

Flower-shop, Brussels,  designed by Paul Hankar

“ Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century. ” This is literally the perfect, most fitting sort of thing to put in the window of an Art Nouveau front like this. One of the things I enjoyed about Brussels was the Art Nouveau.