Lakene Gårdsmejeri #Dairy #packaging designed by Frida Ekelund, Jasper van Wolferen, Ronja Hallgren, Maarit Hautamäki -

Lakene Gårdsmejeri (Student Project)

Brie Cheese Packaging Design PD

OBJECTIVE:The assignment was to design a Brie cheese brand as well as its brand system that can be applied to multiple items.

PolarAid Kit (Student Project)//

PolarAid Kit (Student Project)

Adorable first aid kit in a polar bear box! Purchases would go to support Polar Bear International :)


Packaging Trident Gum (Concept) is so great and so popular however it does remind us of HappyDent another very popular pin PD

MØS Gastronomic Smart & Casual by Backbone Branding

MØS Gastronomic Smart & Casual

DeAlbalact | milk #packaging I can almost taste the tang. #Iconika #likes

DeAlbalact | milk #packaging I can almost taste the tang. #Iconika #likes