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Development work for Marks and Spencer by Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson is an illustrator living and working in London with her cat Iggy. She is also co-founder of the artist collective PLATS.

Mike Rhode is a designer who loves to read, write and draw. For the latter, he takes a Moleskin sketchbook everywhere, keeping a visual journal of his travels. We particularly like this piece taken from Rhode's Portland sketchnote travelogue, in which he records facts and thoughts with brilliant little sketches and typography.

Doodle art: 52 great examples

A sketchnote travelogue I captured while visiting Portland, Oregon for the Storyline Conference in June

How sketchbooks vary by profession (by Grant Snider, Incidental Comics)

12 Sketchbooks of the Pros [COMIC]

I'm a perfectionist and they sure nailed it (not that I would consider myself a "pro"). Sketchbooks of the Pros - INCIDENTAL COMICS

19arkle-custom1.jpg (950×840)

19arkle-custom1.jpg (950×840)

Sketch noting

This is a personal sketchbook by Takashi Betsui. his book stories talk about travel, food, culture, etc with a mix of words. This book uses the pen and color pen as a medium, including image.