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Snowball brain break. You can do this with paper airplanes, too, but it takes longer. Works best for math problems, but can adapt to any subject.

Each student writes a math problem or s. Question on paper w answer on back. Wad them up and have "snow ball" fight. Then find a paper and answer the question.

Good game for teaching mean, median, mode and range

Fun Cup Stacking Lesson for Mean, Median, Mode and Range. Also contains a link that offers instructions to place-value cups.

Brain breaks .... Ideas for implementing.

Movement is a powerful learning tool in the classroom. Learn tips for managing movement and teaching your students how to be successful during movement based

Brain Breaks videos. Rocks Paper Scissors Math --- I'm so teaching my kids this game!

brain break - rock, paper, scissors, math - Not a website, but a technique that is really fun and I've used in middle school. Gets out of hand!

Olympic rock paper scissors...a great classroom activity that can serve as an icebreaker, and it gets the kids up and out of their chairs.

VIDEO --Olympic Rock Paper Scissors (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks) speak is a bit dry but the video is helpful

Whole Brain Teaching:  Kindergarten, One Less Than Rule

Whole Brain Teaching: Kindergarten, One Less Than Rule. This is an amazing teacher! I wish I could observe her and gain insight to how she came up with all the energy lol!