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Weimeraner - looooove this breed, but need a decent yard to even consider them.

Dog: Weimaraner this makes me miss my babies so much! Hands down one of the most beautiful breads around in my opinion!

Ok I really need to get another Weim. 4 mos is too long without one.

swimface~my weim will fight me for my floatie in the pool.no joke !

best dogs EVER

Be certain to try out everything your dog is always distracted by. 1 client's dog would visit the proprietor when vacuuming so the proprietor could put on her


They are such wonderful, smart, funny & stubborn dogs. I miss mine everyday after having her in my life for 16 years. Do NOT get a Weimaraner unless you have lots of time to devote to them. They deserve nothing but your very very best.

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This is a beautiful picture of a Pomeranian. She looks so happy to be there.