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Savings book is a unique piggy bank. Disguised as a book, it’s an inconspicuous way to hide your money or personal valuables amongst your favorite books on the bookshelf.

Moo o o Piggy Bank

This is a terribly cute alternative to the regular ol’ piggy bank.

Rubik Cube Piggy Bank. Solve it to take the money out

New Japanese Piggy Bank: Rubik’s Cube Bank

Rubik-s Cube Bank - Now you can teach your child the importance of saving money and the agony of frustration with the Rubik's Cube Bank. This piggy bank is design.

Awesome Taps

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Bathtub Faucet!

Is your bathtub a little too boring for your taste? Maybe it is time to spice it up with an ultimate bathtub accessory the Belle Aire Deck mounted bath filler. This bath filler is a mixture of old time class and futuristic looks stealing the design

DIY Recycled project : Recycled Piggy Bank Tutorial

DIY Recycled project : Recycled Piggy Bank This ties in to learning about money and Charlotte's Web read aloud!

This Lytro camera is new - and so cool.  Fits in a pocket, doesn't ever need a flash, only has a zoom button and a button to take a photo with, but produces amazing quality photos using a whole new technology. I want to play with one.

Lytro: What really makes it revolutionary

The Lytro Light Field Camera. The world's first light field camera lets you shoot first, focus later. Plus, create interactive, living pictures to share with friends and family online. Coolest thing since the Ipad