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Mountain and Extreme Trail course obstacles:

Mountain and Extreme Trail course obstacles

Horse Obstacle Course|Curly Horses

Resource site for American Bashkir Curly Horse owners & Curly Horse lovers. Curly Horse information that will inspire, motivate, build friendships and allow interaction without membership or registry afflication.

Police horses competing on an obstacle course - awesome!

Police horses compete in Washington-themed obstacle course

.balance beam with barrels to help get started

Horsemanship involves activities on the ground. Using the "horse whispering" techniques of people like Pat and Linda Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Ray Hunt and others, one learns how to use a.

How to solve spooking in horses - Creating Positive Behavioral Changes - by Linda Parelli

Create Positive Behavioral Changes -by Linda Parelli This article was originally published in the May 2009 issue of Savvy Times magazine. Recent back-issues of Savvy Times are available for Parelli.