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THIS is why Captain Swan is endgame. Hook worries about Henry too, not just Emma. <<--- THIS. :D

Hook parallels w/Emma he's alone) & Henry he's w/Charming) Hook finally has been accepted as a hero!

I Love Our Once Upon a Time Couples; although i'm a bit disappointed in rumpel the end of season 3.

Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan and Snowing. My favourite ships!

"I'd rather save yours than hers." Hook, "Can you for oncejust do what I say?" Emma - 4 * 3 "Rocky Road" #CaptainSwan

Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones - Captain Hook - Emma Swan - Jennifer Morrison - Once Upon A Time

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Emma distracting hook so she can give hook time to look around hooks ship without getting caught by hook.

I was so relieved when I saw this. I was like, oh gosh, thank goodness he didn't try and lie about what he did!! That would have made their relationship unnecessarily complicated, and we REALLY don't need another one of those in this show.

Awww its sweet how Hook cares and that he is worried he is the bad guy.

I loved this part! Robin had a nice little smirk when Regina did it! *LOVE*

Awesome Regina Robin Zelena (Lana Sean Rebecca (Bex)) at the awesome Camelot ball in the awesome Once aired Sunday

Wendy and Baelfire - Season 2. Am I the only one who shipped them?? Yes? Okay then

Wendy and Baelfire - Season Am I the only one who shipped them? Okay then <---- I'm with you fellow Oncer!