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Amazing Examples of #Food #Art: 20 Reasons to play with your food! These meals almost look TOO good to eat.

Amazing food art funny food style art design pictures food photos images people fun Funny Food Art: Play With Your Food Photos)

Art and Food to be Thankful For | Food Art | UncommonGoods

Food Art to be Thankful For -

Van Gogh by Ju Duoqi, the Queen of Vegetable Art. Using vegetables of all shapes and sizes, Chinese artist Ju Duoqi recreates famous masterpieces, like The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.

Growing Organic, Eating Organic

What An Amazing Fruit Display With A Tall Pineapple ‘Tree’, Adorned By The Most Adorable Fruit Monkeys!This Would Be A Great A Baby Shower!

decorediv food art | Food art - broccoli lion, kiwi bear, eggplant zebra, orange kitty ...

I like the Orange cat and the eggplant zebra

Revista Champagne News: Decoração com Legumes, Frutas e Ovos - dicas e sugestões

Carving food for kids Buffet Decor +++ Hormigas talladas para decorar buffet


Klaus Enrique Gerdes, a New York City photographer, has created a series of original portraits made exclusively from vegetables, fruits and flowers. At first glance these portraits look familiar if you have ever seen Giuseppe […]

Food Art

Butterfly fruit food, use olives

Food art.

Salad 》》art of presentation 14 ♡ mizna♡

Dog Food Art

Oh my this is exactly the dog I want.in lettuce form

Amazing Food Art by Carl Kleiner #food_art #food art

Animals made of Vegetables by Carl Kleiner (Eggplant Zebra!

Yep. Dad could probably do this.

A carved watermelon,

Food Art - Sculptures de Fruits et Légumes - John Montgomery

Food Network recently aired an episode of Sugar Dome that included fruit carving. The fruit carver on the winning team was John Montgomery.

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Chief Melon Head Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Cynthia Daniel

making food fun for kids

There's nothing weird about reshaping hard boiled eggs to look like cuter version of their unrealized selves. Just look at the baby chicks. Learn how to make your own chicken family out of hard boiled eggs at Eye Candy.

A Miss Piggy carb-fest, made of pasta, bread, peas and raspberries

Are these the world's yummiest mummies? Japanese mothers compete to create best-looking lunchboxes for their children

LunchboxAwesome: Miss Piggy Bento


Creative lunch ideas make food fun for kids - Back to School