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Masterdog light: Free your dog, Hall by Prolam Y Animals in Print commercial ads ads commercial ads ads

#concept #volkswagen

Volkswagen ACC System: Dog Ad by AlmapBBDO. Danger is just a matter of distance. Keeps you at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

宠物用品创意广告设计桌面壁纸   #创意# #精选# #优质#

宠物用品创意广告设计桌面壁纸 #创意# #精选# #优质#

Liberá a tu perro

Masterdog light: Free your dog, Street (Print Advertising)

Liberá a tu perro

Masterdog Light "Free your dog" print ads (Chile)

Bauker: Chaleco

BAUKER Chief Creative Officer: Alvaro Becker, Francisco CavadaHead of Art: Emerson NavarreteCreative Director: Jorge MuñozArt Director: Gonzalo Palavecino, Sergio ArayaCopywriter: Tomas Almuna, Raimundo Undurraga, Andres AcevedoIllustrator: Silvana…

Mas imagenes divertidas Parte 3 - Taringa!

Mas imagenes divertidas Parte 3

20 Brilliant Advertising Photographs by Jean Yves Lemoigne

RED OFF by Tomas Almuna, via Behance

Red Off by Andrés Acevedo, via Behance

Help Them Fast. “The longer you live on the street, the harder it is to get off it.” Literally.

60 Creative Public Awareness Ads That Makes You Think

The Print Ad titled Samusocial: Asphaltisation, 3 was done by Publicis Conseil Paris advertising agency for Samusocial in France.

Progressive Insurance: Warriors of the wild, Born to ramble, On waves of freedom, Bosses of the bass, Beasts of the trail, Creature seekers, Wakemakers 5

Print advertisment created by Arnold, United States for Progressive Insurance, within the category: Finance.

Clio Awards Winning Ad by  for

Sleep Well (Campaign) - SleepSoft Earplugs by School of Visual Arts, New York

Mylanta: Bubbles | Ads of the World™

Print advertisment created by JWT, Australia for Mylanta, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

akcja SPCA i MINI pod hasłem ADOPT A SMART DOG. Psy prowadzące samochody.

Mini: Lamp post See the world’s first driving dog.

Garnier #greatads

Garnier: Hide yesterday, Meet the parents - Publicis, Zurich, Switzerland

Alghanim Motors

Adeevee - Alghanim Motors / Honda: Voice guidance at every turn

World For All: "Dogs cure depression. Adopt one." - Building by Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India

Adopt one," says this ad is for World for All, an Indian animal welfare NGO campaigning for animal care and adoption. By Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai.