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This 1752 hand-colored engraving is after a painting by Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770). The plant is Selenicereus grandiflorus, a night-blooming cactus which is colloquially known as Queen of the Night, Moon Cereus, or Vanilla Cactus. Selenicereus derives from the Greek word, selene, which means moon, a reference to the plant's blooming at night.
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46002 Disocactus ackermannii (Lindl.) Ralf Bauer [as Epiphyllum ackermannii Haw.]  / Edwards’s Botanical Register, vol. 16: t. 1331 (1830) [M. Hart]
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Magnolia x Loebneri 'Merrill' © 2009 ~ ~ 36 x 48 cm (19" x 14")