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The Real Annabelle Doll, Connecticut - In 1970, a woman shopping in a thrift store bought a Raggedy-Ann doll for her daughter; soon, she and her roommate were being terrified by paranormal events; at their wit’s end, they contacted psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who found that the doll was possessed by a demon; the girls gave Annabelle to the Warrens, who encased it in a glass display cabinet in their Occult Museum, where she still moves about occasionally...

The possessed Annabelle doll in Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum in Connecticut. The doll from The Conjuring and Annabelle movies are based on this doll.

many, many years ago i saw this movie, based on the Steven King novel with the same name, Pet Sematary...this little boy totally stole the entire film...he was SOOO good at his role, especially for being such a young age!!!

Miko Hughes, the most adorable homicidal zombie-toddler in cinematic history, holding a copy of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." Miko made his film debut as little Gage Creed in the film adaptation of King's book in He was 27 months old.