Tall doorway with saloon style doors! Must have this in the house I build (some day)!

saloon door @Lee Kennedy

Come back and visit us again at the Gold Rush Saloon. Maybe there won't be so much trouble next time !

CREATIVE AMBITIONS: My Version of a Photo Ladder

Rustic Photo Ladder - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself - for all those old ladder upcycle projects! Use branches instead!

Accessorize a hollow-core door: One ceiling medallion and some hardware later, you have a formerly blah door that looks super custom and expensive.

Thrilling Thresholds: 10 Ways to Dress Your Doors

Rach B front door. Don't have a door worthy of an accent? Create your own! Martha Stewart (of course) shows us that by simply rethinking a plain door with a ceiling medallion & an oversized door knob you too can have an incredible DIY accent door.

Saloon doors

Installing interior barn door hardware can transform the look of your room. Read these steps in buying interior barn door hardware.

Swinging Cafe Doors

10 Cafe and Saloon Doors You Can Install In 30 Minutes Each

Gate, Westerns, Portal, Western, Gates

Closets, Fitted Wardrobes, Wardrobes, Closet


my diy home projects I made these signs and they are hanging in my kitchen under 3 doors (Bathroom, Pantry, & Downstairs). Idea was originally from A Place For Us and I LOVE the Vinyl wording. I will be using Vinyl wording a lot in my decor.

Ironwood Manufacturing louvered toilet partition door

Ironwood Manufacturing toilet partitions and louvered bathroom doors. Clean, traditional custom look for a public restroom.