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Ok everyone!  I've had lots of emails about how to apply the Rub n' Buff to large pieces of furniture.  Does it need to be sealed? Do you ne...

Tips for Rub n Buffing large furniture--Super easy! Silver Leaf Rub n' Buff Desk Redo ~ How To

Rub N’ Buff is a waxy metallic finish that comes in several golden shades such as Gold Leaf (depicted), but also look for Antique Gold and European Gold.  Krylon’s ‘Gold Leaf’ is the best metallic gold spray paint I’ve found to date to mimic brass or give you a warm golden glow on your hardware.

Brass Hardware: Polishing and Faking It

I am REPINNING this because it is amazing!!! I wanted to redo our bedroom furniture a darker stain and this took the shine and old stain off in minutes. I was actually surprised it worked! Any diy-ers out there definitely need to purchase this!

Use Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel to remove multiple layers of latex and oil-based paint.

SANDING | LIQUID SANDPAPER :: Everything you need to know & how to use it. :: A few points: Liquid sandpaper removes the thin top layers & roughens the surface of a glossy painted item making it easier to be repainted. However, it only removes gloss--not bumps or imperfections. It doesn't work for shiny metal or tile. It can also be found under the names "deglosser," "liquid deglosser," and "wet sanding." It's handy if the particular surface has ornate designs or extensive detailing…

This is excellent to use on kitchen cabinets or any wood surface before painting. gives a "tooth" to the surface so paint adheres. Use in well ventilated area, smelley but very effective to prevent paint from chipping.