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Who Needs Teachers And Babysitters When Tablets Are There [Nielsen Study]

One of the most ubiquitous testimonies is giving iPad to kids, increased sales of iPad for kids, expanding number of iPad apps, interactive tools optimized for

How Tablets Will Replace Teachers in 2013

We don't think tablets can (or should) REPLACE teachers, but this is an incredible infographic about the organization OLPC and their tablet experiment in Ethiopa.

A Device To Rule Them All Infographic | Apartment Therapy

A Device To Rule Them All Infographic

Streamlining your Digital Life with the new iPad infographic from NextWorth takes a look at the history of the electronic devices that the iPad has replaced in our lives. A true multifunctional device, the iPad has replaced many of our separate gadgets.

Create Your Own TED Talk In Just 9 Steps [Infographic] - ChurchMag-- remember this for every video we interpret for school! Ugh!!

How to write a perfect TED speech - Funny because I LOVE watching Ted Talks


141 Examples of Catchy Bookstore Names

From Bullhorn - I don't really agree with the numbers, but I guess when you factor in 'all' business that are using recruiting tools, it might be accurate. Big FAIL is lack of TRAINING!!

INFOGRAPHIC: Recruiters Aren't Using Facebook And Twitter

Rhetological Fallacies, errors and manipulations of rhetoric and logical thinking. Apparently I'm in a thinky mood tonight.

Rhetological Fallacies: Errors and manipulations of rhetoric and logical thinking written & designed by David McCandless March 2012

QR code invasion! [cool infographic with Godzilla]

The QR (quick response) Invasion. It all began in Japan. Analyzes the usage of quick response codes by brand, platform, and social media outlets, and shows its recent explosion from July to December of

Follow these easy steps to remove color from photos so they can be colored later.

How to turn any picture into a coloring page