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Though I would like to experience city living for a year or two. but ultimately I want to live in the country

//Not always a farmer, but as smart as one, and never wanted to be a princess.  Something is just not right with princesses.  Just saying.

I actually wanted to be a princess who farmed. I wanted to tend the crops and work in the fields during the day and then attend grand parties at night.

And anyone who doesn't understand that will never understand you: | 21 Ways Your Life Is Completely Ruled By Your Pets

And anyone who doesn't understand that will never understand you:

As do I (quite often), accept me for who I am...a Tomboy...all grown up...who would rather B in a stall, than at the Mall.....

yeah and then everybody stares at you and you are like what? haven't you ever saw a cowgirl wearing a filthy shirt and jeans a cowboy boots with spurs before? geez, bug off.,Quotes :),Quotes and S

Working in snow

cleaning out a 3 x 9 chicken coop with a pitchfork and wheelbarrow. when there's about two and a half feet of snow.

Funny Friday - May 30 2014 | Savvy Horsewoman

Funny Friday - May 30 2014

Not just horse people! There's cow people and goat people too who get those hands:) trust me, I would know.

Ever since I was little

everyone else was playing with barbies, dressing up in dresses and pretending they were princesses, ballerinas or fairys. I just wanted to ride a horse and play in dirt.