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Now the conspiracy is set in motion, not in Russia, but thousands of miles away in New York and Berlin. The part that everyone knows is that Max Warburg (father of Paul Warburg, creator of the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Banking system in the US), the head of the Kaiser’s intelligence services and also the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, the largest German bank, hatched the devious scheme to pluck Lenin from his Swiss exile and transport him via sealed train to St Petersburg,

Where Once There Was Hope: Profound Words and Images of War: Volume Two: Tales from The Front; by Pearldiver. the fleeting dreams that were lost to an entire generation whose amazing, profound words and images have lasted throughout time.

The Renault FT 17 was the only ww1 tank being able to operate on messy terrain.

Known as the Mosquito. One of the most successful of all World War 1 tanks and probably the most popular and versatile light tank in history was the Renault FT 17 (rear view)

WW1: les troupes britanniques se trouvent morts dans leur tranchée suite à une contre-attaque et barrage d'artillerie allemande. Notez les tambours de munitions pour la Lumière MG Lewis sur le sol des deux côtés de la KIA dans le centre de la photo.

Otto von Bismarck was not a minister of Chancellor of Germany in the First World War (The Great War), was an old man and was forced to give up several years ago by the German Emperor Frederick II.

World War I German Shock Troops, circa 1917. CSU Archives/Courtesy Everett Collection

World War I German Shock Troops, Circa Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

World War I German Shock Troops, circa CSU Archives/Courtesy Everett Collection. Note their stahlheim helmets. These were the original Stormtroopers

This captures the horrors of WWI perfectly.  As we approach the hundredth anniversary we would do well to remember.

Peter Corlett, Man in the mud. For Australians, the horrific face of modern battle was first seen during the First World War. History and WWI

WW1: Scottish soldiers in a trench. Note the dog keeping company. The group includes both kilted and regular pants riflemen.

Highland Territorials in a trench [La Gorgue, France], August I know these soldiers would have been very proud of their uniform, but a kilt just doesn’t seem like the most practical uniform to wear in a trench.

No Man's Land: The area of land riddled with barbed wire and corpses and heavily defended between two enemy trenches. No soldier would want to find themselves there. From our 10 Telling Images of WW1 gallery: http://www.britishpathe.com/gallery/ww1-telling-images/1

British soldier advance across barbed wire in No Man's Land (kink in hip after a day of that)

German bodies lay dead after a battle. It shows the gruesome sceneries that Paul had to deal with on a day to day basis

World War I - German bodies in a freshly conquered trench.

WWI, Battle of Verdun, 1916. -Mémorial des Braspartiates dans la Grande Guerre : 1916

WWI, Battle of Verdun, -Mémorial des Braspartiates dans la Grande Guerre : 1916