vegan: we are a so called advanced society, so why exploit animals unnecessarily.

True. Makes me so sad.

Stop eating meat and take a step towards ending the violence towards animals. Go Vegan, fellow Christians, Animals Have Souls!

I just want to hug this little cow and give her lots of love! They will NEVER be harmed by me. I refuse to eat the flesh of a living, breathing, emotional animal. I REFUSE.

For them, it's life itself. When we tagged humans, we called it the holocaust; most people don't even flinch at seeing number tags attached to animals. They feel, suffer, and want freedom as much as any human being does.

Loving animals means loving ALL animals. REPIN this if you agree ♥

Think about what you have been taught all your life.I'm guessing you're an 'animal lover'.but you're actually a have NO love for some species.or could you if you thought about deeply?

Lamb chops have a different meaning when you suddenly realize they are literally chopped up lamb parts you are having for dinner- with a face and mother and feelings and sh

One third of all dairy cows have Mastitis; pus from the bacterial infections is in their milk# why #vegan

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If the cruelty of milking unhealthy cows with infected udders isn't enough to…

"@SoulTeaChic “@ARCrusade: RT @Matt_Dominguez: RT if you believe those at our mercy deserve compassion, not cruelty"

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Give a     About NatureⓋ

In the future we will no longer kill animals for our food. We will evolve beyond such cruelty reap the many benefits of that choice.

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