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Haha... I would have no clue what this meant if my brother hadn't made me watch the stupid video!!

Ginerm Sterl

Funny pictures about Ginerm Sterl. Oh, and cool pics about Ginerm Sterl. Also, Ginerm Sterl photos.

My face will probably be stuck like this from now until i see it... and probably still after.

Rated because of Legolas's face? Legolas has a nice face. But this made me laugh!

Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: I was going to suggest you quit acting stupid.then I realized you're likely not acting. Carry on. I'll watch from a distance.

Ermahgerd... OMG Becky look at her butt... Hahahahah!!!!

OMG Becky look at her butt. Intro to Sir Mix a Lot Video "Baby Got Back"

Remember when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and had to apologize? Betty White #funny

Jamie Foxx To Miley Cyrus: "Do Some Heroin... Catch Chlamydia... " (NSFW AUDIO)

Remember a few years ago when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and had to apologize? Well Betty White now thinks everyone owes Jamie Foxx an apology.

READ ALL OF THESE. Anti-Twilight from the Twilight guy himself...absolutely hilarious.... some new found respect for Robert

This is a collection of stills from interviews where the star of Twilight discusses how deeply he dislikes Twilight. This makes me respect him much more. - I love Twilight, but this is hilarious!

ERMAHGERD @Kayla Canham @Allison Davis @Caitlin McAlhany

Just meme it!

I'm so over the whole "ermahgerd" thing. But this made me laugh so hard! The bear 😂


i wonder if there is an alien race that speaks ermagerd. and then ermagerd girl will have to translate.

ain't it the truth!

Baby You're a Firework

Funny Independence Day Ecard: Happy National 'Hear Fireworks All Day And Night Being Set Off By Drunk People You Wouldn't Trust With A Glow Stick' Day! Our life on the lake this summer.the dog is miserable!

Adam Levine Funny | Adam Levine haha! this is funny!

funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that for Adam Levine! Oh yes, I have time for that! Is there someone who doesn't have time for that?

Ermahgerd @Amy Smith

[Image - 275946]

So…Target is removing the colored kiosks and signage, that differentiated boys from girl’s section.

Funny pictures about Bertmern. Oh, and cool pics about Bertmern. Also, Bertmern photos.