Wedding Dress    1901    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1901 wedding dress - “The appliqués of this wedding dress exemplify the whip-like curves and scrolls characteristic of the Art Nouveau period. Made in Rome for Mrs. Frederick Dand Sherman in the.

Dress Date: 1902–3 Culture: American Medium: silk, fur Accession Number: C.I.52.42.5a, b

Dress, silk velvet trimmed with fur and chenille, American. Metropolitan Museum of Art accession no.


Promenade dress Date: ca. 1903 Culture: American Medium: wool, silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 16 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 46 in.

Evening ensemble (evening dress with jacket; petticoat, hat, and hat pins shown separately)  Cristobal Balenciaga for the House of Balenciaga, Fall/Winter 1949-1950, French, silk and simulated pearls. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Evening ensemble House of Balenciaga (French, founded Designer: Cristobal Balenciaga (Spanish, Date: fall/winter Culture: French Medium: silk, simulated pearls

Wedding Ensemble | Callot Souers | c. 1930    In my opinion this is the epitome of 1930s couture. Imagine the woman that walked down the aisle in this. LIVING!

Wedding ensemble Design House: Callot Soeurs (French, active Designer: Attributed to Pierre Gerber (French) Designer: Attributed to Jacques Gerber (French) Designer: Madame Suzy (French) Date: 1930 Culture: French Medium: silk, linen, leather

Dress1909-1911The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dress1909-1911The Metropolitan Museum of Art (OMG that dress!)

Dress to 11 - American - silk, metal by Mrs. Dunstan, well-known New York dressmaker that made use of elements in this dress such as the bolero - and- vestee configuration. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ruched silk Artistic dress by Liberty of London, British, 1891. Label: "Liberty & Co./Artistic and Historic Costume Co./222 Regent St. W"

Victorian Dress - 1891 Dress - Liberty of London (British, founded - Gift of Mrs.