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Primevères ‘Desert Sunset’, trop craquantes !  http://www.pariscotejardin.fr/2012/04/primeveres-desert-sunset-trop-craquantes/

Primevères ‘Desert Sunset’, trop craquantes ! http://www.pariscotejardin.fr/2012/04/primeveres-desert-sunset-trop-craquantes/

Beautiful Flowers

Blue Clematis - Another beautiful blue flower for summertime gardens - makes it feel cooler just being around them!

~~ Zinnia Queen Red Lime ~~

Zinnia Queen Red Lime--Another pinner: love this color with the queen annes lace. I hope I can plant these in our hot weather.

Snapdragon 'Labella White'

Snapdragon 'Labella White'


Mallow, French Hollyhock (Malva sylvestris) 'Zebrina' I hope mine from seed look like this when they bloom!

Photo - Google Photos

Jenny Foxglove's Gothic Garden - Poker Primrose, a dazzling and different late-spring bloomer! An unusual alternative to grape hyacinth with vivid flower spikes that open from the bottom up. Grows tall in part shade.

Candy corn flower ♥ Beautiful flowers :) garden gardening pretty cool fashion design flower

candy corn plant Botanical Name: Manettia inflata A vigorous climber, you can train Candy Corn Plant on a trellis. Its densely covered twining stems look even more lush when gathered around a support.

Found out what this beautiful plant is and where it came from...Medinilla magnifica Plant Medinilla magnifica is a species in the genus Medinilla native to the Philippines. This species of Medinilla is more commonly known as the Philippine Orchid, and it is an epiphyte. via Wikipedia

Medinilla magnifica (commonly known as the Malaysian Orchid) evergreen shrub native to the Philippines. Zone part or bright shade, ft high commonly ft high and used as a hedge in native areas), ft wide