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foldtex - think around the corner

A revolutionary new lightweight foldable board challenges us to rethink how we design.

Tweaking your outfit to suit the occasion could soon be as easy as moving pixels on a screen. "Apparel," the first garment to exist in both the physical and digital realms, is designed to take us one step closer to that future. Developed by Normals, a design collective from France, the garment uses a combination of augmented-reality technology, custom-coded applications, and personal data to create a "wearable avatar" primed for a game of digital dress-up.

Augmented-Reality Clothing Evolves With Its Wearer in Real Time

Kids Step by Step Drawing With Numbers or Alphabet As A Base

20+ Fun Kids Drawings With Number As a Base

Just some interesting bacteria cells that could possibly help add some creepy vibes to the whole magic disease concept. I especially love the small hairs sticking out and creating this "sticky" feeling.

Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park Arte, organismos negro y blanco

Dragon Skin. Dragons have something more akin to scales don’t they? Do scales still qualify as skin? Hmm, well. Anyways. This is the Dragon Skin Pavilion created initially by the Emmi Keskisarja, Pekka Tynkkynen, Kristof Crolla (LEAD) and Sebastien Delagrange (LEAD) from the Tampere University of Technology in the autumn of 2011 (total build time: 8 …

Image 11 of 26 from gallery of Dragon Skin Pavilion / Emmi Keskisarja + Pekka Tynkkynen + Kristof Crolla (LEAD) and Sebastien Delagrange (LEAD). Photograph by Pekka Tynkkynen

Tara Donovan - unconventional art from conventional objects (clear plastic cups, coffee filters, etc).

Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan - Tara Donovan’s organic installations formed of prosaic manufactured materials like transparent cups and plastic straws, paper plates, and adding machine paper suggest the gentle waves found in nature. I just really like installation art

unknown pieces

leave a hole in the bottom to attach a light. make sure holes are not straight through: either twist the entry or leave a film of clay on the backside

P LAB: ArmorSkin ( Paper_Folding + Arduino + Servo )

P LAB: ArmorSkin ( Paper_Folding + Arduino + Servo )

Benja Harney, Australian based paper artist, has a new series of exploration in paper surrounding Platonic Solids. His latest exhibition encompassed making these forms with the use of paper only and NO GLUE! Each miniature paper crafted object interlocks into one another creating stunning patterns

The grid inspires pattern in architecture. Form form that it takes doesn't necessarily have to be a square. The continuous arrangement of large and small triangles fabricate the pattern here.

Generative Green Design Workshop: http://www.krfr-1.com/SEEDcat/WS/2012/ProgramaGREENdesign-web

Generative Green Design Workshop: http://www.krfr-1.com/SEEDcat/WS/2012/ProgramaGREENdesign-web

Louis Vuitton - Hong Kong

In the Louis Vuitton store in Hong Kong, architect Peter Marino developed an interactive staricase. The steps enclose a plasma screen that plays technicolor